Christian Medical College Vellore was founded in 1900 in the face of a great need: to provide healthcare to women and children. Over the years, this mandate has expanded, and today, CMC is lauded for its excellent clinical services, relevant research work, high quality medical education and innovative outreach programmes. Our founder, Dr. Ida Scudder, did not just start medical services and medical education: she initiated a model of health care where quality service, care and compassion were the foundations. Today, CMC is a large and vibrant institution with over 2,500 inpatient beds and 6000 outpatients daily. They come from all parts of the country, an indicator of the institution’s national status as a leader in medical care and services. The institution continues to expand and grow - whether through an increase in the number of specialities, the development of new campuses, or through innovative health measures that are relevant to the context and needs of our country and the people we proudly serve.